Death to the Adverb – Day 8 challenge

I sit there watching, as she looks at her phone and then the rear view mirror waiting for someone. A quick glance at the clock and once again at the phone and a frown crosses her face.

Looking up from my book, I notice a tall male walking upto her. Her face lights up when she see’s him, but her eyes say something else. As they walk past me without too much conversation, I catch a glimpse of her, her eyes speaks of sadness and so does his.

As I sit their trying to engross myself in my book, I can’t help but wonder what their story is, what seems to make them sad.

They order coffee and sit at a table away from the crowd. No words are spoken, they both seem lost in their own world. She is playing with the sleeve of her coffee cup, while he watches her but with sad eyes. She looks at him her lips quivering, she puts her head down again and goes back to playing with the sleeve.

I go back to my book, trying to read but yet intrigued by this couple. As much as I try, to not pay attention, I notice that they are now engrossed in conversation. Her head still down, while he talks, hanging on to his every word. They forget there are others, but they seem enveloped in their own world.

I feel like I am intruding into their little world, I can’t hear anything, but just watch lips moving. She starts talking and he listens , so much emotion in their faces. There is a slow tear rolling down her face while he glances at his watch. He raises his hand and wipes the tear away from her face. She puts her head back down. He is once again talking and this time he seems to be fighting to hold back the tears.

She lays her hand on his and they sit their in silence, his hand engulfed in hers. For a moment their eyes lock, there is so much emotion between them, that I want to walk over and make it all better.

They eventually get up and walk away. Both seem to be fighting hard to hold back their tears, as they each walk to their cars. They stand their hugging, not wanting to let go. He sits in his car, tears rolling down his face while he watches her drive away.

Meanwhile, I sit their, close my book and watch them both drive away, tears in their eyes. I no longer wonder what their story is, it is one of goodbye.





About my random musings

I am originally from South East Asia and I moved to the US about 15 years ago to follow my heart. My heart has since been broken a few times, but I continue to be on journey of trying to mend it. I could talk about running, baking or writing in a small crowd, but put me in a room full of strangers and I will be the one standing in a corner people watching. When I am not writing or running, I would be in my kitchen, flour strewn all over the kitchen counters, music playing in the background and me just rolling and folding dough, excited about what my creation will turn out to be. Besides that I love passionately, when I love, I give it my all, not always a good thing, but that is who I am. I jump both feet in and sometimes I come out with regrets but having learnt a lesson. I believe everything happens for a reason and this is my place to share bits and pieces of my life, my adventures and sometimes misadventures. Hope you enjoy reading my stories as much I enjoy sharing them with you.
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3 Responses to Death to the Adverb – Day 8 challenge

  1. Redg Camarse says:

    I like this story and it kind of made me realize that I almost always spy on fellow customers in coffee shops. Not spying like the creppy kind but the simple observant type. 😀 A LOT of drama goes down on coffee shops. 🙂

    “She is playing with the sleeve of her coffee cup, while he watches her but with sad eyes.”

    I like the image that this post painted in my head. I can practically see the couple having their break-up in front of me. Nice job! 😀


  2. Jim says:

    Wow. This one was really interesting Tania. You were the “outsider” reading the book and if i had to guess you also the woman drinking coffee.


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