No Walk in the park – WP challenge day 09

WP challenge Day 09

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

Perspective of the man

I wake up early and stare out my window, it’s a beautiful day outside, the sun may be shining, but I feel a cloud hanging over my head. I turn around and my beautiful wife lies in bed with her back to me. If she only knows whats going through my mind and what kind of day I have ahead of me, she would be very sad. This is one assignment I don’t want to take up. I dread whats ahead of me today, this is one day I never wanted to come around.

I hear my wife waking up and I turn around to look at her. She flashes her beautiful smile at me and my heart lunges to my throat. I convince her that considering its a beautiful day, we should go for a walk in the park. She agrees and gets out of bed, not knowing what kind of day is ahead for us.

We stroll through the park, hand in hand, talking and laughing, reminiscing about how we met, when I spot the old lady on the bench knitting a small red sweater. Why did it have to be red ? I was hoping it would be any color but red.

My eyes well with tears, because now I know that my mission has been confirmed. This is one mission I don’t want to comply with. My wife questions me about the tears, my mind quickly tries to come up with a story, I tell her it reminds me of my mother knitting a sweater for my sister while I played in the park. She believes me. I hate lying to this woman I love. But how do I tell the woman I love, that I know who she really is and that I wish things could be different for us. But how do I tell her the truth ?

How do you tell the woman you love, the old lady knitting a sweater is a signal that our marriage is over in more ways than one and that my mission soon will be to eliminate her. We continue to walk through the park, hand in hand, lost in our own thoughts. This mission is definitely no walk in the park.

Perspective of woman

I wake up because I feel the sun streaming through the window and there stands my husband by the window looking outside. He seems to be lost in his own world.  I think back to how I met him and married him and mostly why I married him. It was just an assignment I was handed, get him to fall in love with me, but here we are years later still married and in love with each other. It is no longer an assignment, I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but how do I tell him the truth. How do I tell him that I know who he really is and who I really am.

The truth has to come out, specially now that I just found out that I our family will soon be expanding. I have not told him that part yet, I am not sure about his reaction, how are we going to deal with things ? But today is the day I am going to tell him the truth about me, be honest and start our lives afresh. Maybe we can both quit what we do and move to Sri Lanka. Who will find us there ?

He turns to me and suggests that we go for a walk in the park. I jump at the idea, maybe I can share the good news with him during the walk.

We head to the park, strolling hand in hand. I notice the old lady sitting on the bench knitting a baby sweater. It reminds me of my mother and how excited she is going to be about the news I will soon be sharing with her. I turn to my husband and I see tears welling up in his eyes. I wonder why he is feeling emotional at this moment. I hold his hand even tighter, reassuring him that I am there. I turn to him and tell him how much I love him. He shares his feelings of love for me. I ask him why he felt so emotional about the old lady on the bench. He says it reminds him of his mother knitting a sweater for his sister sitting on a park bench while he was playing nearby. I love him a little more for sharing that part with me and we continue to stroll through the park in silence, both of us lost in our own thought for that moment.

Perspective of old woman

The phone ringing jolts me from my book. The voice at the other end tells me that my job for today is a go. He tells me which park bench I need to be at and that I need to be knitting.  He claims if I were to look outside my door, there would be a package with everything I need for this assignment.

The clock on my bedside table indicates its 8 am. I have 2 hours before I head out. I go back to my book, not knowing what part I play by sitting on a park bench.

I never get details of the assignment, just what is necessarily for me to know and I get a check for every assignment in the mail. I don’t ask details and neither do they share. As curious as I am in the part I play, I realize not knowing is better than knowing in most instances.

Eventually I start making my way to the park. It is a beautiful day to be outside knitting. I think of my kids and grandkids and I wish I was actually knitting a sweater for one of them.

I find the bench and pull out my knitting needles and get started on it. I watch kids playing and couples strolling past me. One particular couple catches my attention, they walk hand in hand talking, laughing and enjoying this beautiful day and being with each other. I remember doing things like that.

As they walk past me, I catch a glimpse of the man looking in my direction and tears coming to his eyes. I wonder why he cries. Maybe I remind him of a family member or maybe his wife just told him why she was glowing and the baby sweater made him cry. I go back to my knitting and wondering, never knowing what the red sweater actually means to him.







About my random musings

I am originally from South East Asia and I moved to the US about 15 years ago to follow my heart. My heart has since been broken a few times, but I continue to be on journey of trying to mend it. I could talk about running, baking or writing in a small crowd, but put me in a room full of strangers and I will be the one standing in a corner people watching. When I am not writing or running, I would be in my kitchen, flour strewn all over the kitchen counters, music playing in the background and me just rolling and folding dough, excited about what my creation will turn out to be. Besides that I love passionately, when I love, I give it my all, not always a good thing, but that is who I am. I jump both feet in and sometimes I come out with regrets but having learnt a lesson. I believe everything happens for a reason and this is my place to share bits and pieces of my life, my adventures and sometimes misadventures. Hope you enjoy reading my stories as much I enjoy sharing them with you.
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3 Responses to No Walk in the park – WP challenge day 09

  1. Jim says:

    You really nailed this Tania. Very powerful and made me think. I had to read twice before I comprehended. Although the word “eliminate” initially seemed strong, I finally understood on the second read. JD


  2. Yes, you achieved your goal! I kept reading, all the way through. I wanted to know how the couple turned out. I wanted to know more about the old woman. I enjoyed this!


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