I may not be wonder woman, but I will take the lasso of truth !

Its less than 2 weeks for the first, half-marathon I am training for.  Am I ready ? I don’t know and I don’t wanna even think of it. I have been diligently running for the most part, 5 miles or  6 miles and on certain days I even run 8 miles, but 10 miles seems to escape me.

Sometimes I fear that as much as my mind keeps pushing me to do things and keep going, my body is begging me to slow down, after all I am no wonder woman or am I ?

Recently while sharing with someone all the things I do, she used the word wonder woman on me.

I am no super heroine, with superhuman powers, but I will take the tiara and bracelets and mostly the lasso of truth, oh what I can do with that lasso. Imagine the answers to all my burning questions being answered truthfully, with who shall I begin I wonder.

Back to reality, but a girl can dream.

During my run today, I was thinking of wonder woman, no, not about me flying around in skimpy clothes with long hair flying around and me waving my lasso, but about all the things that I take on for myself.

Besides working 40-45 hours a week, I try to run or ride my bike on a daily basis to train for the 2 marathons I am signed up for and the duathlon I am trying to take on in september. To add to that I start my cooking/baking/prep for the farmers market on Thursday, while making sure I cook dinner almost daily and then helping a few friends with some writing projects.

For the most part, I do enjoy every thing I do. There are the rare moments that I wish I had not signed up for marathons or that I had a weekend off from the market, but those moments are far and between.

On the rare occasion I find some time, I have elaborate plans of staying in bed, sleeping till late, reading a book and doing nothing. But the doing nothing lasts a few minutes. My mind starts churning with ideas for things I should bake or I get an absolute craving for chocolate that I find myself skipping to my kitchen to turn the oven on.

Last weekend started off promisingly with laziness in the horizon, but me being wonder woman and all, I decided, instead of staying in bed, to give into a this desire for chocolate and go bake myself something chocolaty. Here I am at 9 am, yes 9 am, turning the oven on and getting creative in my kitchen.

So instead of reading a book like I had planned, I am instead surrounded by flour strewn all over my counters and dishes piled in my sink and the mixer whizzing in the background. Yes, wonder woman will be proud of me, I just made Chocolate Mousse Brownie with Pecans. Instead of the lasso of truth, I will take a lasso that I can wave and have my kitchen cleaned.

Maybe once I bake the brownie I can take a piece,  sit in my favorite chair and get back to that book like I had planned and then go run 10 miles, after all wonder woman has fit into that skimpy outfit.





About my random musings

I am originally from South East Asia and I moved to the US about 15 years ago to follow my heart. My heart has since been broken a few times, but I continue to be on journey of trying to mend it. I could talk about running, baking or writing in a small crowd, but put me in a room full of strangers and I will be the one standing in a corner people watching. When I am not writing or running, I would be in my kitchen, flour strewn all over the kitchen counters, music playing in the background and me just rolling and folding dough, excited about what my creation will turn out to be. Besides that I love passionately, when I love, I give it my all, not always a good thing, but that is who I am. I jump both feet in and sometimes I come out with regrets but having learnt a lesson. I believe everything happens for a reason and this is my place to share bits and pieces of my life, my adventures and sometimes misadventures. Hope you enjoy reading my stories as much I enjoy sharing them with you.
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3 Responses to I may not be wonder woman, but I will take the lasso of truth !

  1. I love your blog, so…
    I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim says:

    I liked this one Tania. Just truly random thoughts and no reflections on the past…just you looking forward. Awesome brownies! JD


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