Starting the year off on the ‘right’ foot

It is almost a week into this year, I don’t think I have heard the word resolution floating around too much. But despite my non resolution making, I am to a great extent on track with my goals.

Even though I had a near meltdown and started to question myself because I did not or could not run one day, it seems I was overreacting. The next day I rushed home from work and headed outside to run. I did not have the same lethargic feeling of not wanting to run, my mind, body and feet seem to be in sync, letting me run 7 miles.

A couple of pictures I took during my run. (Not the best since I am using my phone)

Sunset while running

Sunset while running


As much as I wanted to run more, I had to come home and give into my temptation of making soup. The last few days I have thought of sausage, kale and white bean soup. I have no idea why that was, but that was what I made.

Run done, soup made, a couple of chapters of reading done and I felt pretty accomplished for the day.

As a way to spend more time reading, I am trying to discipline my time on-line. I have set a time, no matter what I am going to put the computer out of reach and grab my book and do some reading.

The next challenge I am setting for myself is trying to eat less meat and maybe try being a vegetarian for a whole week each month.  Of course there might be times I fall off the wagon, considering I work with food.  I have tried being vegetarian before, however, it all goes well till I set foot into a restaurant where my eyes just gravitate towards the meat section, making my mouth salivate just reading the items on the menu. This time however, I am hoping I have more self-restrain to stick to it.

There really is no particular reason for any of it, I would not say that it is to save money, which might be a good idea, considering I am planning a trip. Talking of travel, it has been a while since I have had a trip which did not involve me going back to visit my family. Yes, I have made stops in Paris, Dubai, Thailand etc but all those were for a few days before I head off to spend time with my family.

But this time the trip I am planning does not include any of that. I want it to be an adventure or so I tell myself. Initially I was guilt ridden about wanting to go do something different which would mean not seeing my parents or friends. However, my parents insisted that I needed to do something for myself and this trip maybe what I need. Who am I to argue with my parents ?

So here I am spending time doing research about the places I plan to visit. I wish I could call a travel agent and give them dates, places and just sit back and watch them do all the work. However, considering I am on a budget and calling a travel agent seems more like a luxury these days, I am trying to navigate the internet and do this. I am not one for research of places, I get too distracted by everything else besides what I should be doing. Like now, I started to research hotels in Turkey, but instead here I am writing a blog post.

I blame it on the adrenaline of thinking of my forthcoming trip or maybe it is that coffee I should have not had in the evening, either way, between the two I feel an excitement I have not felt before and that makes me happy.

About my random musings

I am originally from South East Asia and I moved to the US about 15 years ago to follow my heart. My heart has since been broken a few times, but I continue to be on journey of trying to mend it. I could talk about running, baking or writing in a small crowd, but put me in a room full of strangers and I will be the one standing in a corner people watching. When I am not writing or running, I would be in my kitchen, flour strewn all over the kitchen counters, music playing in the background and me just rolling and folding dough, excited about what my creation will turn out to be. Besides that I love passionately, when I love, I give it my all, not always a good thing, but that is who I am. I jump both feet in and sometimes I come out with regrets but having learnt a lesson. I believe everything happens for a reason and this is my place to share bits and pieces of my life, my adventures and sometimes misadventures. Hope you enjoy reading my stories as much I enjoy sharing them with you.
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13 Responses to Starting the year off on the ‘right’ foot

  1. Nice photos! You lead a healthy lifestyle and that is wonderful! You said you had no idea why you wanted this particular soup – I have been thinking of making this same soup, only I use summer or polish sausage, small white beans, and cabbage. I also add some carrots and peas in it. It is delicious!

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  2. boywonderrogers says:

    Very good! Keep it coming!


  3. I love your pictures and I am trying to get back into running myself!


    • Thank you. Getting back is always the hardest part. That is why this year I have decided to run during winter or worse case scenario join the gym and continue to run. Good luck with it, once you get started you will keep going.


  4. Love the first photograph. It’s beautiful!


  5. Hi… I came to your blog from the Blogging 101The Commons. I love the way it looks and got immediately engaged in your post. I’m not an exercisey kinda person but am looking for some inspiration this year. Just went to the local pool this morning and christened my swim gear (goggles, flippers, cap, bathers etc) I had had in the cupboard since October last year. It felt great! All the best with your blog. Mx

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    • Thank you Melinda. Well you have made the first step towards. Everytime you tell you yourself tomorrow, just force yourself to go out there even if it is for a few minutes. I was and still not really a runner, but I make sure I push myself to do it and over a period of time I learned to enjoy it. Good luck. I think swimming is the best exercise.

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  6. itsdollydarling says:

    These pictures are beautiful! You’ve been quite the globe trotter. I would love to hear about your travels someday 🙂 I’m new to blogging as well. Check out my site at

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