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The adventure continues in Germany

Zooming on the highway on the back of motorcycle has my adrenaline pumping.  I look around and see cattle and horses grazing in the wide open space. The sun is peaking in-between the rolling hills shining brightly on the orange … Continue reading

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I got 99 excuses, but I still continue to run

It’s Saturday afternoon and I could be exploring a new city, but instead I decided to go run a half marathon. I never thought I would be this person where I would be on vacation and that involves running 13.1 miles. … Continue reading

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If only these ancient walls could talk, I would listen to its stories

The narrow cobblestone streets are lined with stores that sell clothes and shoes and nestled in-between are coffee and pastry shops. I feel the raindrops and decided to step into one of the coffee shops and enjoy a cup of … Continue reading

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Can we go back to the cute baby memes

I am sure we all have a friend or friends who constantly post their every thought, move on social media. But now with a very heated Presidential election it seems almost everyone is taking to social media to pound their … Continue reading

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25,000 steps through Dusseldorf

The cold wind blows across my face as I watch couples stroll hand in hand, people riding their bikes and kids on their skateboards along the Promenade of River Rhine in Dusseldorf. I feel content having stepped out of my … Continue reading

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A view through my lens

As I sit here sipping my coffee on a dreary grey day in Germany watching the world go by, for a moment I feel somewhat irresponsible. I ask myself am I running away from facing reality and burying my head … Continue reading

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You’re in my way as I try to move on

Airports make me sentimental or maybe it is me just being sentimental for various reasons or no particular reason. The sitting around watching people say teary goodbyes have a way of awakening my emotions. I constantly question why goodbyes are … Continue reading

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