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This is for mum

Heartbreak used to be my muse or at least thought so. But yet for the past few months I have struggled to find the words to write this post. It is not for the lack of trying, but just that … Continue reading

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My ides of March 

It’s almost 3 am as I lay in bed listening to the silence. I strain my ears hoping to hear something, but all I hear is the echo of the silence. One of my favorite songs comes to mind  “hello … Continue reading

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The past can sometimes be exhausting 

When I packed my bags and left US, I had this dream of writing blog posts and posting pictures of my adventure or misadventure on a daily basis. However, the writing seems to fail me as does the creativity to … Continue reading

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You’re in my way as I try to move on

Airports make me sentimental or maybe it is me just being sentimental for various reasons or no particular reason. The sitting around watching people say teary goodbyes have a way of awakening my emotions. I constantly question why goodbyes are … Continue reading

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It is a bittersweet goodbye

I stand outside on the porch on my last night, while the hot humid wind blows in my face. The moon is glistening in a distance, faintly lighting up the tree lined street, while a single lamp lights up the … Continue reading

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Why is out of sight not out of mind?

It is now less than 2 weeks to go before I move out of this apartment and I constantly feel like I am sitting on a ticking time bomb, called my emotions. I never realized how emotionally draining moving could … Continue reading

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If these walls could talk, I would like to hear what it says

I walk into the apartment after work and just like the hot humid air outside I am suddenly hit by a sudden surge of emotions. Maybe it was the almost empty space that makes it suddenly seem so real. I … Continue reading

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Some scars never heal

A wish from wordpress on 2 years of blogging forced me to go back in time and read some of my old posts. I can’t believe that it has already been 2 years and I am for the most part … Continue reading

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The crippling fear of the unknown

It is 2 weeks since I got back from my vacation and I am still in a slump and struggling to get out of it. I can’t blame it on the weather, considering it is no longer cold and dreary, … Continue reading

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In search of my sanctuary

I stand watching the little children play , some clinging on to their parents while standing in knee deep water while the waves lap against the shore. The laughter of the kids reminds me of being a kid and coming … Continue reading

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